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Low Cost Landscaping Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, it can be hard to figure out ways to increase your curb appeal without sinking too much money into your property. However, if you’re someone who’s crafty and used to thinking outside the box, giving your home lawn a quick, low-cost makeover can require little effort and even less cash. From getting a few well-placed accessories to revamping your garage door, you can class up your landscape design in a snap. Whether you’re using a high-class firm like Pete Rose Inc. or you’re looking to go DIY, making your lawn into a beautiful showcase that compliments your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few quick ways to give your lawn a jaw-dropping makeover.

Focus in on Side Yards

For many homeowners, it might feel like best (and only) way of revamping your lawn is to redo the entire landscape. This is the first mistake homeowners make when trying to boost their curb appeal from the outside. In reality, you don’t need to give your entire lawn a makeover to make it look new and stunning. All you have to do is focus in on a few specific details to really make it pop. Exhibit A: The side yard. Many of us have patches of neglected grass or forgotten flowerbeds that could be used for a much greater purpose. All you have to do is buy a few fresh flowers to pot and build a low-cost border to create a tiny oasis out of even the dustiest side yard. The colors of the flowers will make it stand out, and you’ll draw the eye toward the new detail and away from pre-existing imperfections.

Light Up Your Landscape

If you have a walkway leading up to your home, make it stand out by purchasing a few small solar lights to line the path. These lights cost very little and use the natural light of the sun to create a fairy-like effect at night. In less than a day, these tiny treasures will turn your lawn from a drab expanse to a magical wonderland each night. You’ll also be doing a lot to help guests get in and out much more easily.


If you’re a seasoned homeowner, you’ll already know that accessories are your best friend. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the outer walkway leading up to your home, accessories can turn a space from boring to beautiful without any effort from you. Whether you’re set on investing in expensive-looking storage options like a beautiful woven hose basket or a copper flowerpot for your side garden, or simply want to make the most of window boxes and A/C lattice covers, you’ll be able to give your lawn a great-looking reboot in the same amount of time it takes to press ‘buy’ on Amazon. Plus, you’ll be able to use that time shopping to come up with more inspired ideas for your new property.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Like accessories, adding the right subtle accent to a space can make all the difference, especially to someone who’s never seen your property before. You can turn a drab garage door into a beautiful stable-like entrance by adding brass or aged-iron hardware knobs and handles. In the same way, you can upgrade your door knobs, handles, and shutter knobs all around the exterior of your property to give your home a rustic look from the outside. Whether you choose small accents or large new fixtures, buying hardware for your home doesn’t have to be costly, and the installation time is usually minimal. When it comes to setting up hardware on exterior entryways, however, less is always more. Be careful to keep it minimalistic, and to use your hardware just as a way to draw the eye. You never want to run the risk of cluttering your home’s exterior.

Use Wood as an Elegant Accent

For homes with a large lawn to speak of, creating a nice interplay or dialogue between inside and outside can be helpful for enhancing your home’s appeal. One of the best ways to do this is by framing your windows to make them stand out even more. Using wood shutters or well-placed wooden storage benches around the outside of your property can make your lawn feel a bit more like a garden. Adding a bit of aged or stained wood around the property can give your home a friendlier, cozy feeling without costing a lot.