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How to Heat Your Home Using Ecofriendly Methods

Many of us rely on heating our homes through electricity supplied by the main power grid. However, if you’re looking for alternative, cheaper and environment-friendly methods to heat your home, consider the following options. These will also come in useful if there’s a power outage during winter and you have no way to keep your home warm.

Wood Stove/ Biomass Boilers

A wood stove is an old fashioned, trusty way to keep your home warm. It’s also perfect if you want to reduce carbon emissions. You’ll however need to have a good stock of logs, wood pellets or chips ready. Thus, it makes more sense to have one of these if you live close to a woody area or a place where you’ll have easy access to firewood. Wood stoves can be used to produce hot water while also heating your home. If you think installing a brand new stove or boiler is too expensive, consider a used one that works well. When installing one of these, remember to fix it in a room with enough ventilation, as there is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also install a carbon monoxide detector just in case.

Ground Source/Water Source Heat Pumps

Ground source and water source heat pumps are also ecofriendly ways to heat your home. They work by extracting warmth from the ground or a source of water and producing heat and hot water. Water source pumps will require your home to be located close to a lake or river as they cannot work otherwise. On the other hand, ground source pumps are more practical and obtain heat from the earth itself. The heat pump is placed above the ground and is connected to pipes buried under the ground. These types of heaters can be used throughout the year, but you may need to find an alternative method of heating during severe winters.

Solar Panels/Heaters

Solar panels are another great way to generate heat by using energy from the sun. If you install solar panels in your home, you’ll be able to produce your own electricity and won’t need to worry about connecting to the main grid. Solar thermal panels produce hot water and heat for your home solely, so if you’re only interested in heating your home using alternative methods, consider solar heaters. You could also do some research of your own and visit sites like to choose which solar heaters will be right for you. These are also a good investment to have and you can save money by installing one of these.

DIY Heating

And finally, if there’s a sudden power outage and you don’t have any alternative, don’t worry. You can use easy DIY methods to heat your home! Find the cosiest room and gather as many blankets, towels and curtains as you can and cover the windows and walls with them. Or else, build a makeshift tent using the same methods and stay inside. This will help trap body heat and keep you warm.

Follow these tips to heat your home using alternative methods to electricity.