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Pune Property Rates Area Wise, List of localities, Zones and Regions in Pune

Pune is known as a historic as well as industrial city in the economy of Maharashtra state. In Pune, there are a total of 58535 properties listed. In 206 localities of Pune, the price trend has a rise in its value while 82 localities have a fall in their price trend. This information is gathered from the records of past six months.

The minimum price starts from 6840 only and ranges to 26.90 crores which is the price of the most expensive property of Pune. A list of Pune property rates area wise is listed below:

  • Aundh – In the Aundh area of Pune, the property price ranges from 10000 to 19540, and the average price range is 19540. This area has witnessed a rise in prices by 313.3% in the last quarter of this financial year.
  • Balewadi – The property price range in Balewadi is from 3571 to 4749 per sq. Ft. This area has a rise in its prices by 24% with the average price being 4748 per sqft.
  • Baner – The Baner area of Pune, has a price range of 3500 to 6053 per sq. Ft and the average price per sqft over here is 6052. A rise of 95.4% in the property prices has been recorded in the last six
  • Bavdhan – Price range of property per sqft in Bavdhan area, is 5200 to 5551. Here the prices have dropped by 12.4% recently and the average price for sq. ft of land is 5551 only.
  • Hadapsar – The property price ranges from 169 to 6000 per sqft in the Hadapsar area. Prices have dropped by 9%, and the average price is 5428 per sqft over here.
  • Mundhwa – In the Mundhwa area of Pune, per sqft of land is priced at 8052 and this is the average price of per sqft of land over here. Property prices have risen by 771.1% in the last six
  • NIMB Annex Mohammadwadi – For a sqft of land, the price ranges from 2700 to 5091. A rise of 137.7% has been recorded with the average price being 4363 per sqft in this area of Pune.
  • Wadgaon Sheri – Property prices ranges from 3143 to 6000 per sqft. The average property price is 6000 per sqft only. A rise of 172.9% has been witnessed in this area of Pune.

All the information is based on the evaluation of data of last six months. Go to latest updates regarding property visit