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Top Attributes to Consider for Your First Office Space

When your startup finally reaches the acceleration point where you no longer are able to work out of your garage, looking for an ideal office space is a must. With so many options it can be overwhelming to find the right fit. Luckily, we’re going to provide you with some of the top attributes that you should be concerned with finding that will ensure your new office is the best fit for your business. 

Location should be your first concern when choosing an office space. There are two sub-concerns that you need to consider when picking a location. The first is having a convenient location that your clients can visit without a major hassle. For example, if all your clients reside in the city, you don’t want to have an office two hours away from that specific city. The harder you make it for clients to get to you the less they’re going to try. 

Your second concern regarding the location of your new office space should be your employees. Picking a location that is ideal travel time for both your clients and your employees is a must. While it’s probably not possible to accompany all of your employees, getting an office within reasonable distance to the majority of them is a good idea. You don’t want the travel to your office putting a hindrance in an employee’s decision to work for your business. 

Next up on your list of attributes for the ideal office space is the price of it. As a startup, it’s likely you’re only looking to rent out an office space. It’s hard to figure out how quickly your company is going to grow out of the office space, so not getting locked into a long-term lease is something you need to consider as well. 

Before you ever look at any potential office spaces, you should have a ballpark budget. You want to ensure you pick a place you can afford so you’re not overly stressed trying to operate on a shoestring budget. Renting an office space usually has a few costs associated with it which you need to consider. 

First, most building owners will require a safety deposit that is equal to three month’s rent. Second, you should look at the hidden costs of the rental. These can be things like paying for maintenance or employee parking. Taking all of these costs into consideration is a must.

Once you start to view rental offices that are within your budget, it’s time to assess their size. Depending on the number of employees you currently have, you will need to find an office that accommodates all of them. In addition, it’s likely you’ll want to have extra space so that you can continue to add to your team as the need comes without having to worry about moving to another office. 

Looking for your first office space can be an exciting and overwhelming experience all wrapped into one. There are many attributes that make an office space the perfect fit for an individual company. To ensure you start out on the right track, be sure to follow the tips listed above.